Meta e Grid Computing Sites

IEEE Distributed Computing On Line - Grid Computing - information on Grid Computing ( maintained by Mark Baker and Garry Smith )


ARCADE - enhanced cluster computing (with NASA Langley and ICASE)

BAYANIHAN - Web based volunteer computing using JAVA (MIT Lab for Computer Science)

BOND - The Distributed Object Multi-Agent System (Purdue University)

COVISE - Colaborative Visualization and Simulation Environment (SunTREC) (High-Performance Center Stuttggart)

COVER - COVISE Virtual Environment

Charlotte - provides programmability, portability, dynamic execution environment (NY and Arizona State Universities)

CONDOR - High Throughput Computing (CS in University of Wisconsin-Madison)

a Grid Project funded by the European Union (Cern, CNRS, ESA, INFN, NIKHEF, PPARC)

DISCworld - Distributed Information System Control World (DHPC Group in Adelaide University)

DOCT - Distributed Object Computation Testbed - (San Diego Supercomputer Center)

DOE Science Grid - advanced distributed computing infrastructure based on Grid middleware and tools to enable the degree
of scalability in scientific computing ( Grid Technologies Group GTG )
Globus - The Globus Project - Technologies needed to build computational grids.

Grail - Grid Research and Innovation Lab (projects like AppLeS) in San Diego Super Computer Center

GriPhyN - Grid Physics Network (U. of Florida, U. of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory)

Explores dynamic PVM capabilities on a Distributed Virtual Machine (ORNL, Tennessee and Emory Universities)

HPVM - High Performance Virtual Machine by CSAG (Concurrent System Architecture Group - CS dept - UCSD )

InfoSpheres - the composition of distributed active mobile objects that communicate using messages (Calthech)

iVDgL - Int. Virtual Data Grid Lab.: global computing resource for several experiments in physics and astronomy

Javelin - Java Based Global Computing (CS in University of California of Santa Barbara)

LEGION - World Wide Virtual Computer (Virginia University)

NEOS - Server for Optimization Problems

NETSOLVE - is a client-server system that enables users to solve complex scientific problems remotely (CS, Univ Tennessee)

NIMROD - a tool for distributed parametric modelling (CSSE in Monash University)

NWS - Network Weather Service monitors and forecasts the performance of network and computational resources ( NPACI )

P2PWG - Peer-to-peer Computing: existing desktop computing power and networking connectivity for High Performance

PPDG - Particle Physics Data Grid (ANL , BNL , Caltech , FNAL , JLAB , LBNL , SDSC , SLAC , Wisconsin , UCSD )

Symera - A distributed object system built upon the Microsoft Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) ( NCSA )

TeraGrid - a multi-year effort to build and deploy the world's largest, fastest, most comprehensive, distributed infrastructure
for open scientific research.
WebFlow - a scalable, high level, commodity standards based HPDC system ( NPAC , Syracuse University)

UNICORE - Uniform Interface to Computing Resources (Forschungszentrum Jülich)

Grid Support

Education and Outreach Center - education center of GriPgyN and iVDGL projects: a nice start point

Grid Infoware - Grid Computing Information Center
(maintained by Rajkumar Buyya )
UK Grid Suppor Center - lots of information, Grid software upgrades and support

Simulation Environments for Application Scheduling

BRICKS - a performance evaluation system for various scheduling schemes on a high-performance global computing setting

GridSim - a Grid Simulation Toolkit for Resource Modelling and Application Scheduling (in Rajkumar Buyya's home page)

SimGrid - A toolkit for the simulation of Grid Application Scheduling (CS in UCSD)

Last update: 7th Jan 2002